Interfacing A IoT Water Leak Sensor Via Bluetooth With Firemonkey In Delphi 10 Seattle On Android


Developer Nolan Liao has released a video demonstrating an app built with Delphi 10 Seattle and Firemonkey that interfaces with a water leak sensor. The app itself is demonstrated on an Android device running Android 6. Apparently it supports connecting to the IoT water leak detector device via Bluetooth. It isn’t quite clear from the video of the IoT device talks directly to a server or talks through the Android device to the internet. In any event when water is detected by the IoT device it sends a notification to the Android device that water is detected. There is no source code available so this is just a demo of ways you can integrate Delphi with IoT devices. In other Delphi IoT videos the developer has on his YouTube channel he also demonstrates using a cross platform Firemonkey app on Android, IOS, and what looks like Windows. Some of the text on the video is in Chinese but the audio is in English. Nolan has a developer blog with more IoT videos here.

Watch the video above or head over to YouTube and see Nolan’s other Delphi IoT videos as well.

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