IdHTTP Exception Causes Segmentation Fault


I have run the code below as an Android App. The lHttp sends an request to a WebService that i made, where the IP (URL) and Port are defined by the user. However, if the webservice is not active in that URL the App is crashed. While debugging, it gives me the following errors while trying to catch an exception.

raised exception class EIdHTTPProtocolException with message ‘HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error’.

raised exception class Segmentation fault (11).

raised exception class EAccessViolation with message ‘Access violation at address B6FBD7CE, accessing address 000000A8’.

Does someone know how to catch this exception whithout crashing the App?

Path:= ‘http://’+ Conf.IP + ‘:’ + Conf.Port +’/services/MyWebService.dll/GetQuestions’;

lHTTP:= TIdHTTP.Create(nil);

Stream:= TStringStream.Create;

Result := lHTTP.Post(Path, Stream);
on E:EIdException do
Result:= E.Message;

on E:EIdSocketError do
Result:= E.Message;

on E:EIdConnClosedGracefully do
Result:= E.Message;

on E:EIdHTTPProtocolException do
Result:= E.Message;

on E:Exception do
Result:= E.Message;



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