How to install a Firebird driver on android so I can connect with FireDac


In Delphi Seattle 10 have a program that connects with a remote Firebird db (testing program on Windows).

When I port it on a mobile device with android I have an exception due to a missing driver .
The topic is not so young (about 3 years).
FireDac Firebird and Android
and I found this
that is a java driver (probably work with the new Firebird v 3).
But I really don’t know how if it is a good driver for android and, if so, how to install it on a mobile device.

Due the fact that the remote db is a firebird db (server version) and, with my other program I have no problem to connect, read, work on it (win 7/10 + Delphi Seattle 10 + FireDac), is there a way to achieve this connection?

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