Four Free IDE Plugins For Use With Firemonkey In Delphi 10 Seattle


TMS Software has released for IDE plugins for Delphi 10 Seattle that can help you with your projects. The tools consist of various productivity enhancing menu items and panels for Delphi. The four tools are TMS Project Manager, TMS Rich Clipboard, TMS Presentation Tool, and TMS What’s New. TMS Project Manager allows you to easily ZIP up and upload the current project if you need to share it with someone or you are writing a blog post and need to include your source code. The TMS Rich Clipboard adds two menu items which copy the selected source code with syntax highlighting to the clip board as either RTF or HTML format. Once in HTML format you can easily include it in a blog post. The TMS Presentation Tool allows you to track, save, and load code snippets for when you are recording or giving a presentation with Delphi. Lastly there is the TMS What’s New plugin which is just a feed of the latest news from TMS Software. One other interesting thing the installer for these tools does is open the TMS Software catalog which is ~250 pages and shows the hundreds of different components which they have available for use. TMS Software is one of the leading developers of third party components for Firemonkey. As a bonus TMS Software has some other free software and components for Firemonkey available here.
Head over and download the free IDE tools plugin pack for use with Firemonkey in Delphi 10 Seattle.

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