Easily Debug Your IOS Apps Via LemonJar For Use With Firemonkey And Delphi 10 Seattle On OSX


If you are looking for an easy way to debug your Delphi 10 Seattle Firemonkey apps for IOS on OSX you might want to take a look at LemonJar. With older versions of IOS you could use the Iphone Configuration Utility to access the IOS console log but for more recent versions of IOS LemonJar is a good solution. Technically you can still access the console log on OSX in XCode but it is hard to find and use. LemonJar is a single purpose app for OSX which easily gives you the output from the IOS console. At the moment it is free to download and use. Debug data from IOS itself and the apps running on the device is displayed throught the IOS console. You can even write out your own debug messages to the IOS console with the Delphi NSLog() function. Brian Long created a wrapper function called Log() which does the conversion from a Delphi string to the IOS string. Here is that function:uses
iOSapi.Foundation, Macapi.ObjectiveC;

function PNSStr(const AStr: String): PNSString;
Result := (NSStr(AStr) as ILocalObject).GetObjectID
procedure Log(const AStr: String); overload;

procedure Log(const AStr: String);
{$MESSAGE WARN ‘Only currently implemented for iOS’}
end;Head over and download LemonJar and start debugging through the IOS Console with your Firemonkey apps in Delphi 10 Seattle.

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