Delphi FMX set focus to a particular control so the cursor appears


I created a test new FMX project. Added a TabControl to it. Used the context menu to add 3 tabsheets. To the 3rd tabsheet, added a TEdit. Added a OnChangeEvent handler to the tabcontrol. Coded it as follows:

procedure TForm1.TabControl1Change(Sender: TObject);
if TabControl1.ActiveTab = TabItem3 then
self.ActiveControl := Edit1;
self.Focused := Edit1;

As you can see, I tried various combinations based on my previous VCL experience. The input/cursor focus does not change to the Edit1 by code. Of course, at runtime on Win32, if I click on the edit1, the focus rectangle (I’m using a style) now shows as does the cursor. (as expected) On Android. The VK only comes up when I shift the focus myself.

Is there way to do this programmatically so the user can just start typing? (without having to shift the focus to the TEdit themselves).

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