David I’s (@davidi99) Tweets of the Week – Apr 3-9, 2016


Here are my posted Tweets for the week of Sunday, April 3, 2016 to Saturday, April 9, 2016. Embarcadero specific posts are in bold.
Sunday, April 3, 2016

Oracle wants Google to pay it $9.3 billion for using Java’s APIs in Android http://buff.ly/1RwObd1
This SAP president has a fabulous career because he spent one sad and lonely holiday at work http://buff.ly/1PyxtaR
Why IT can’t handle data breaches alone http://buff.ly/1RmuTua
4 security discoveries that should raise the alarm http://buff.ly/1RxiUsv
Two Superpowers We Wish We Had  – Time and Energy – Bill and Melinda Gates 2016 letter – http://buff.ly/1WSghD8
Registering OAuth clients for Google Sign-In | Android Developers Blog http://buff.ly/25qVeNG
MIT’s Clever New Drone Draws What You Do. Mostly http://buff.ly/1Som3e9
Tech and policy can make Bill Gates’ ‘energy miracle’ a reality – Bill and Melinda Gates most recent annual letter – http://buff.ly/1SolQYy

Monday, April 4, 2016

The future of business is that the customer is the labor and the capital http://buff.ly/1Y0mXPA
Will capitalism survive the robot revolution? http://buff.ly/1Ti8XBv
Women aren’t the only ones who feel they’re not paid fairly in tech http://buff.ly/1PF7deP
What’s trending in the IoT space – Tech Crunch – http://buff.ly/1WXhDML
Microsoft AI bot Tay returns to Twitter, goes on spam tirade, then back to sleep http://buff.ly/1LZvuSb
Behind Facebook Messenger’s plan to be an app platform http://buff.ly/1PF5VjW
As FBI’s iPhone exploit remains secret, Apple’s security operation in transition http://buff.ly/1q1bSTY
Kuvée is trying to reinvent wine with a ridiculous Wi-Fi bottle – The Verge – http://buff.ly/1UZCobu

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

FireEye: Hackers are racing to infiltrate retail POS systems http://buff.ly/1LZHfYS
Report: Google to cut off support for physical Wallet card on June 30 http://buff.ly/25w2NTt
This ‘brain-inspired’ supercomputer will explore deep learning for the U.S. nuclear program http://buff.ly/1LZH3ZD
Apple wants the FBI to reveal how it hacked the San Bernardino killer’s iPhone http://buff.ly/1WXlGbT
Google fixes 39 Android flaws, 15 of them critical http://buff.ly/1q44Sp0
Why Apple and Google are struggling to design simple software http://buff.ly/1Y0nvoK
Java vs. C Performance – conference talk&  slide deck by Cliff Click CTO Co-Founder H2O – http://buff.ly/1Ry81o7
Why I (still) write code – Ka Wai Cheung: “I write code … to help people” – DoneDone http://buff.ly/1LZyFt2
Uber announces a more immersive ‘Ride Request’ option for third-party apps http://buff.ly/22NTKhI

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mayo Clinic Technology Said To Alleviate Nausea From VR http://buff.ly/1SmZNPo
Microsoft introduces the Desktop App Converter for bringing Win32 apps to the Windows Store http://buff.ly/1RL60UF
Putting the Internet of Things Into Practice | Automation World http://buff.ly/1RL5Dtq
Buy now or wait? Apple’s new iPhone SE vs. the rumored ‘iPhone 7′ http://buff.ly/1TiRcCg
Waze Helps You Avoid Speeding Tickets http://buff.ly/1PFRL25
Ubuntu’s bash and Linux command line coming to Windows 10 http://buff.ly/1UCFJPD
Microsoft confirms Windows 10 ‘Redstone’ 1 will be available this summer | ZDNet http://buff.ly/1TiQEMH
Quantum computing is now a big step closer thanks to a new breakthrough: the Fredkin gate http://buff.ly/1LZHFP0

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Idea to retire: Cybersecurity kills innovation http://buff.ly/1TiSddz
MySQL Master Slave Replication – DevX – http://buff.ly/1PFSRuM
IBM, Microsoft Lead New Spark-Based Offerings — ADTmag http://buff.ly/22P6k0f
Microsoft now lets you turn any Xbox One into a development kit http://buff.ly/1Y0ZH42
Using C++11 Lambda functions with the C++Builder Parallel Programming Library http://buff.ly/1S5zzGV
Clippy’s Back: The Future of Microsoft Is Chatbots http://buff.ly/1MTcaAR
Microsoft: Windows 10 now runs on 270M monthly active devices http://buff.ly/1q2vzuQ
Join our club of elite Embarcadero developers – show us your Cool Apps using a Cool Video! http://buff.ly/1SfMZdj
Embarcadero MVP of the Year for 2015 – Stefan Glienke http://buff.ly/1q91mtq
Microsoft extends its Windows Hello login security features to apps and the web http://buff.ly/22P5RLq
How to Pick the Perfect App Name – 6 good name factors, ideas that work and don’t work – http://buff.ly/1TiRSr6
Mayo Clinic Technology Said To Alleviate Nausea From VR http://buff.ly/1SmZNPo

Friday, April 8, 2016

Microsoft touts developer tools, business software http://buff.ly/1ZP9yve
Microsoft snubs its own Phones, Windows chief Terry Myerson – developer focus elsewhere – http://buff.ly/1TmqRmQ
Apple at 40: The forgotten founder who gave it all away Ronald G Wayne – BBC News http://buff.ly/1q7G0xa
Microsoft’s Azure Service Fabric microservice platform hits general availability. TechCrunch http://buff.ly/1UWRIXH
New highlights of RAD Studio webinar and the Berlin event http://buff.ly/1MkSZ8C
Embarcadero Weekly Round-up for Developers #8/2016: Jens Fudge this week’s spotlight MVP  – http://buff.ly/1UNZfIK
Embarcadero FireDAC database application tools included in Delphi, C++Builder & RAD Studio http://buff.ly/1VVpL23
Instantly expose a data table as JSON/REST using Embarcadero Delphi components – http://buff.ly/1SBvx5V
Unleashing Artificial Intelligence with Human-Assisted Machine Learning http://buff.ly/1pL9Bvq
Survey: With all eyes on security, talent shortage sends salaries sky high http://buff.ly/1UCHZGl

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Internet of things, analytics expected to push U.S. ahead of China for manufacturing | ZDNet http://buff.ly/1V105Sf
Oculus Rift Shipments Delayed By Unexpected Component Shortage – Forbes http://buff.ly/1Vkg38F
Apple’s first 40 years: An oral history from inside the loop http://buff.ly/22Va8wZ
Stop panicking! Here’s why Apple and the iPhone are far from doomed | ZDNet http://buff.ly/1UHTXif
Tackling the Security Risks of BYOD: How to Ensure Data Safety http://buff.ly/22V6uTO
Set Up Custom Vibrations on Your iPhone [How To] http://buff.ly/1RC7×04
New MIT research opens door for password-free Wi-Fi http://buff.ly/1ZP9M5M
Xamarin CEO Nat Friedman on getting acquired by Microsoft http://buff.ly/1RAWwfC

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