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On the Community forums, David J recently asked: “Most iOS apps have the preferences set into the Settings > General section instead of embedded in the app. Any example on how to split that and take it out of the app and place it in the correct place on iOS? Thanks for any light”
I replied: David Clegg wrote an article that shows you how to do this for Delphi (would work the same for C++Builder). you can find the article at Cleggy notes: “In Cocoa apps created in Xcode, the way to specify settings associated with your app is to include a settings.bundle when compiling your app. For Delphi apps, the approach is no different. You can leverage Xcode to create the settings bundle, which you can refer to when specifying the resources to bundle in your compiled Delphi app.” Cleggy goes on to show you how to create a bundle to include in your Delphi or C++Builder iOS application. He also includes code for reading and writing the settings.
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