RAD Studio 10 next stop: Berlin (via: The inheritance tree of all Fire Monkey objects) but would you really trust it?


Apart from the very interesting poster: the next stop is RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin Version 24.0.22718.6766.
Apparently, I missed the previous RAD Studio 101. Berlin rumour and Tim Anderson mentioning Berlin in New Delphi and C++ Builder Roadmap promises Linux server support « Tim Anderson’s ITWriting as in the Delphi roadmap for 2016 it’s still called BigBen.
The docwiki start page is there, just not open for the public yet: http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Berlin/en/Main_Page. Like right before Delphi 10 Seattle, it’s only available for writer, l10n, RADBeta, ConnectBeta, Employee.
Similarly, https://sourceforge.net/p/radstudiodemos/code/HEAD/tree/branches/RADStudio_Berlin/ is not there: it was added 20160311.
Still the TLS issues have not been solved, so the very bad SSLLabs rating of F stays stays the same as at before the start the 10 Seattle era.
Also apart from some comments, there still is no central official statement of the recent web-site breaches.
I’m not sure what an eminent new Delphi version can be of use when you can’t be sure your account data is secure and the product download is valid (i.e. not tampered with).
In other words: would you really trust a new Delphi version? I won’t yet, at least not for now.
Source: The inheritance tree of all Fire Monkey objects.
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