Deploying Embarcadero Delphi and C++ EMS and DataSnap Applications in a Production Environment


After you have developed your Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS) and DataSnap applications you will want to deploy them in a production environment. Below you will find additional license information, links to redistributable files and documentation URLs that will help you deploy your RAD Studio 10 Seattle, Delphi 10 Seattle and C++Builder 10 Seattle EMS and DataSnap applications to your production servers.
License Information and Redistributable File directories 
In accordance with the section of the Software License and Support Agreement (“Agreement”) entitled “GENERAL TERMS THAT APPLY TO COMPILED PROGRAMS AND REDISTRIBUTABLES,” you may redistribute Embarcadero-supplied runtime packages only for the purpose of executing Works (as defined in the Agreement) created with the product. You may not modify these packages in any way.
Although this software may include packages other than those listed, only the packages identified as redistributable may be redistributed by you. For third party redistributable files included in this product, please see the third party documentation for other redistribution limitations. You will find most of the redistributable runtime packages installed in the C:Program Files(x86)EmbarcaderoStudio17.0Redist directory.
In accordance with the section of the Agreement entitled “ADDITIONAL LICENSE TERMS FOR ENTERPRISE MOBILITY SERVICES”, there are additional files and associated resource files that are redistributable if you have obtained an Enterprise Mobility Services Deployment License. You will find the development and deployment EMS Console and EMS Server executables and DLLs in the C:Program Files(x86)EmbarcaderoStudio17.0bin and C:Program Files(x86)EmbarcaderoStudio17.0bin64 directories. You will find EMS server and client executables in the C:Program Files (x86)EmbarcaderoStudio17.0ObjReposenEMS.
Deploying Embarcadero Delphi 10 and C++Builder 10 Applications
The deploy HTML file (part of your product installation) includes information about deploying the applications that you build with 10 Seattle.
Runtime Packages and Assemblies
Inside of the deploy HTML file you can find the list of runtime packages and assemblies that you can include with your deployed applications. As part of the Enterprise edition and above, you have a license to redistribute files required for a running DataSnap client and server application. The DataSnap redistributable files are included in your Enterprise edition and above product installation directories.
Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS)
Inside of the deploy HTML file you’ll find additional information about the applications and DLLs that you can include with your deployed EMS applications. The files listed can be redistributed as long as you have a specific license for EMS deployment. To obtain a valid EMS license and user keys for your production environment, please contact an Embarcadero sales representative at
Installing the EMS Server or EMS Console Server on a Production Environment
For a production environment, we recommend you set up the EMS Server and the EMS Console Server on a web server for scalability. We currently support Microsoft IIS Server. For smaller business installations, you could choose to install your applications on a Windows server or desktop (but this is recommended only for development testing).
Microsoft IIS Support (Windows ISAPI)
This section of the installing EMS on a production environment shows you how to set up your EMS Server and Console running on an IIS Server. The documentation shows you how to install IIS (if it is not already installed), check that IIS is running and how to create the “web site” for your EMS application.
Configuring IIS 7 for your EMS Application
This section of the above mentioned IIS deployment document contains the steps for the configuration of your EMS 32-bit and 64-bit application packages on Microsoft IIS version 7.
EMS Runtime License
Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS) is an optional and separate purchase for the customer. For testing EMS in a developer environment, RAD Studio comes with a 5 EMS Users valid license. For deploying EMS in a production environment, you must pay an annual license fee per EMS User for continued maintenance and new releases. To obtain a valid EMS license and user keys for your production environment, please contact an Embarcadero sales representative at
EMS Database Requirements for a Production Environment
EMS works with an InterBase XE7 encrypted database while deploying in a Production Environment. You need to use a valid EMS license to install it. As part of your EMS application you can also connect with other applications, databases, cloud services and other web services.
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