Delphi Seattle / Firemonkey TFileStreams converting legacy byte files from Delphi 1 [on hold]


I’m converting a byte file from Delphi 1, to Delphi Firemonkey.

I’m very confused with the behaviour of TFileStream.

I have a record structure, with fixed width strings in it, and various other data-structures, array (from Delphi 1).

When I read in the file into a TFileStream using Read, and a size of the record structure, the record structure does not return the right result.

However, when I read in the individual fields one-by-one, using the same method it works.

I cannot figure this out.


This doesn’t work in Firemonkey (It does work in Delphi 1). , Sizeof(Project );

This code does work in firemonkey.

fs.Read(, Sizeof(Name));
fs.Read(, Sizeof(date)); etc,etc,etc

What’s the difference? The original file is ANSI encoding. The only difference between the record structures is that Integers are now smallints.

Pretty baffled at the moment.

Answer — is to ensure in my case that every single array, and record structure was ‘packed’. I don’t fully understand the alignment of record structures/array in Delphi Seattle (or Delphi 1, for that matter), it has something to do with record alignment, but my code is now back to read(record, sizeof(record). Good!

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