Delphi Practical Workshop in Belgium Yesterday Was Great Fun!


Yesterday started very early for me. 6:30 am I was already in the fast Thalys train from Schiphol airport to Antwerpen in Belgium and at 9am we were starting the whole day “Delphi Practical Workshop” with Danny Wind from the Delphi Company.

We have run a similar event in the Netherlands back in December 2015 and it was good fun as well.
The workshop attracted 18 Delphi developers from Belgium. All of them equipped with laptops with Windows 10 and Delphi 10 “Seattle” installed. In six one hour practical sessions we have gone through some of the most interesting technologies in the latest release of Delphi including:

Building Windows 10 apps with the new Delphi VCL controls and styles
Using new Windows 10 APIs including new Winapi.* units and “NotificationsCenter” and “TSharingContract” components
Working with Parallel Processing Library for building responsive apps going beyond the simplest scenarios
Using FireDAC to build VCL apps connecting to InterBase database and techniques of not hard-coding db connection information inside the app
Building multi-tier systems with REST, JSON object serialisation and DataSnap
Creating multi-device apps with embedded database and how to prepare them for publishing to app stores

This time we have also issued workshop attendance certificates that developers like a lot. I’m already starting thinking about themes for future workshop. Stay tuned!
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