A simple firemonkey horizontal flow


I’m using Delphi 10 / Firemonkey and I’d like to create a UI with a horizontal flow, that creates a horizontal scroll when needed. Simple enough, right?

However, I can’t get past the following issues:

Flow layouts work left to right to a limit, then top to bottom indefinitely. I’d like a flow from top to bottom to a limit, then left to right indefinitely. Just like a TFlowPanel with FlowStyle set to fsTopBottomLeftRight (http://i.stack.imgur.com/VKspF.gif). However, that doesn’t seem to be possible with Firemonkey.
Firemonkey layouts also don’t autosize, so if my flow layout eventually contains more elements than can be displayed, even if it’s placed within a TScrollBox, the Scroll bars will not appear as the child flow layout hasn’t grown accordingly to fit its children.

This is a simple enough GUI and I’d be appalled if Firemonkey can’t do it at this day and age. Any help is greatly appreciated, TIA.

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