What is the ideal way to modify sub control styles in a custom firemonkey control?


I am attempting to develop my first proper custom control for the Firemonkey framework and have ran into what may possibly be an obvious (or not) solution.

Inside my Firemonkey control I have declared FPanel: TPanel; which is then created in the constructor and freed in the destructor. The panel is created along with my control when I add it to a new Multi-Device Form without any problems.

By default the TPanel has borders around the sides of the control which I do not need in my control.

So my question is, what is the ideal way to remove the borders of a TPanel which is child to my custom control? I could not see an obvious property to change, unless I am mistaking I believe we must modify the style of the panel which I assume would be done via a TStyleBook.

Am I right then in thinking that I need to add a TStyleBook to my control, and from there add the panel to the Style book and modify it this way? Unless I am missing something this seems like a lot of extra work for what should be a very quick and simple change.

Assuming this is the correct way, is there an example of modifying a TStyleBook through code?


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