RAD Studio Hotfixes for XE8 and XE7 with 10 Seattle fixes


Yesterday Embarcadero has released two hotfixes for RAD Studio XE7 and RAD Studio XE8 including a number of bug fixes that have already been made available in RAD Studio 10 Seattle.
This effort is part of the Update Subscription benefits (the fixes are made available only to Update Subscription customers) and it is tied to the request coming from customers of increasing the support for older versions.
Here are the CodeCentral download links:

December 2015 XE7 Update Subscription Update

December 2015 XE8 Update Subscription Update

As you can see from the names, these updates have been in development and QA for a little time, but it took some extra effort to ensure their quality.
At the very bottom of the two pages above you’ll see the list of fixes covered by each of the two hotifes. These fixes are in many different areas of the tool, from RTL to VCL, from mobile to FireDAC. Notably there is improved support for iOS 9, OS X El Capitan and Windows 10 for the older versions of RAD Studio. There are also some significant fixes to the XE8 generic TList and TListHelper.

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