Mobile, FMX, Datasnap, ISS, Firewall and SQL Server – design approach


I know the title lists a lot of things, but to be honest I’m an absolute novice when it comes to these technologies and I have very little in the way of any mentoring ability in the real world, except for StackOverFlow!

So here is the scenario I want to create, please let me know if this is the right approach, or whether I should be looking at it a different way.

I’d like to have the ability to create a basic mobile application with say a couple of buttons, 1. get me some data and display 2. Go tell the server to run this stored procedure. I have an external webserver that sits outside my firewall, and my database that sits inside my firewall.

So I was thinking that what I would need to start with is a datasnap server (sitting on IIS? running as windows service?) which I can GET and POST messages to in JSON. AS I can’t “push” data through my firewall for security reasons, I would then need something internally that would read queued messages on the datasnap server and “pull” them through to another application(?) sitting internally which would then communication to the back end server.

A POST message type I was only going to use to “tell the server to do something”, anything else would be a GET message.

Technical thoughts? Example code? Pointers to Delphi Demos I can stitch together?

I’m all ears!

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