Mac OS X Service [on hold]


I need to create some kind of background application for Mac OS X, under Windows I would create a service.

Is it possible to create a service under OS X with Delphi Seattle?

@David Heffernan

The only link I found prior to posting this question is
suggesting that an OS X service is basically a console application.
I could not find any link regarding “delphi daemon process os x” so I’d be happy if you can provide any.
The problem is that the application on Mac is terminated as soon as launched regardless the ReadLn command.
Having an indefinite loop causes the application to jump on the dock.
That’s the reason I ask this question hoping I can get some clarification how to implement a background process.

Sadly, instead of providing constructive help, the only thing you came up with are reprimands, I thought this site is about asking questions and getting help.

And pathetically, it seems that two of the other “good souls” that enthusiastically joined you putting my question on hold never wrote a single line in Delphi…

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