Embarcadero Weekly Round-up for Developers – February 5, 2016




Embarcadero Weekly Round-up for Developers
Welcome to another edition of the Embarcadero Developer Newsletter. I hope all of you in the Northern Hemisphere are keeping warm and dry and those of you in the Southern Hemisphere are using your sunscreen. This weekly developer newsletter contains the latest news, technical articles, upcoming events and links to developer resources. Stay up to date on the latest developer information when you visit the Embarcadero Community.


Videos that will help you move your Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio projects forward!

We have created numerous videos that will help you take your existing Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio based projects and move the forward fast! Here are just a few of the many videos that will show you how easy it is to use 10 Seattle editions to modernize your applications.

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Delphi and C++Builder Developer Skill Sprints take place each Tuesday (Delphi) and Thursday (C++) at 6am, 11am and 5pm Pacific Time

Short, Cool, Quick Tips, Tricks and Techniques that will move your Windows 10 and Multi-Device Development to New Heights!

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Register for “Delphi Practical Workshop”, Belgium, March 3rd, 2016

Join us on March 3rd in Belgium, for the second “Delphi Practical Workshop.” This is a “hands on” training session and Delegates will need to install Delphi 10 “Seattle” before the session.

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Adding a style selector to your application by Sarina Dupont

With RAD Studio 10 Seattle, we provide built-in default styles for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Additional styles can be found in the Styles directory installed with the product, and in the premium styles bonus pack.



Encrypting AppTethering using Delphi and C++Builder by Al Mannarino

This Skill Sprint covered how to use the new AppTethering encryption hooks in Delphi and C++ Builder to encrypt the data or stream before sending the data or stream to other app tethered connected devices and how to use the encryption hooks to decrypt the data or stream after receiving the data. You can watch the replays, get the code, and follow the links to additional information covered in this skill sprint.

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YouTube Video: Fast Cube for Delphi by Stephen Ball

See how Fast Cube, by FastReport Inc, can help you speed up getting to key data with no lines of code using FireDAC, InterBase and Delphi or C++Builder. You can purchase Fast Cube as part of the RAD Solution Pack .

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Using FireDAC Unidirectional property for fast, low memory selection set processing

We often do large Oracle database queries using FireDAC to analyze registration data about our products and customers. Most of the time processing through millions of rows to create a report or chart. One of the FDQuery properties that I forget to set True is the TDFQuery’s “Unidirectional” sub-property found under the FetchOptions (TFDFetchOptions) property.

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Marco Cantu Has Migrated His Book(s) Demos to GitHub

I’ve migrated the demos of most of my books, from the current hosted SVN repository (at code.marcocantu.com/) to GitHub, at github.com/MarcoDelphiBooks.



Delphi and C++ Builder Trending up on the TIOBE programming language index

“Delphi/Object Pascal” sits in 12th place up 8 places from last year. It even sits higher than Swift and Objective-C, which should come as no surprise when you consider that Delphi developers can write applications for iOS and port those applications to other platforms with little or no alterations to the code. “Pascal” is in 16th place, up 14 places from last year. The combined “Delphi / Object Pascal / Pascal” rating comes out at 2.98% which puts Delphi at 6th place right behind Python, C#, C++, C and Java.



How to report a C++ Compiler or Linker problem and workarounds

A useful guide on how to report RAD Studio C++ Compiler and Linker issues to Embarcadero’s Quality Portal, and help the R&D team to reproduce and fix the issue you’ve found. You can also find some helpful workarounds for common problems.

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Delphi and C++ DocWiki Tutorials and Code Examples

The Embarcadero DocWiki contains links to step by step tutorials with Delphi and C++ code. Code examples are also included for commonly used members of the RAD Studio frameworks and libraries.

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RAD Studio Demo Code Public Repository on SourceForge

This is the public repository for the demos for the RAD Studio project. The main trunk will always be demos for the most recently released product. Branches are available for each release (RAD Studio XE to RAD Studio 10 Seattle) for snapshots of older releases demos.

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