Delphi Firemonkey XE8 – – how to translate message dialog’s buttons [duplicate]


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How can I translate the Firemonkey's Resource Strings?

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I’m using Delphi Firemonkey XE8 to develop Android apps. I’ve been searching on the internet for a couple of days how to translate the default buttons (mbYes, mbNo, …) that are used in message dialogs. But I haven’t found any solution so far.
The only thing that I’ve found is a kind of dirty approach – copying the file “FMX.Consts.pas” to my project directory and editing it. However, it would allow my app to have just one language. In fact, I need to provide an app with lots of languages.
This is the only thing I’m having trouble to translate.

I’m displaying messages by using the function “messagedlg”:

MessageDlg(Msg, TMsgDlgType.MtConfirmation, mbYesNo, 0, MyMethod);

Can you guys help me up?


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