Windows – Styled form doesn’t print correctly


I’m facing a little problem with custom styled forms (FMX).
Working with FMX visual library (C++ Builder XE7) I face some problems when compiling programs with custom styles even when working with VCL (but it is not the case).
When I load a style with a stylebook pre loaded when building the project or when loading a style at run time.
So the problems are:

When maximizing the form it becomes bigger than it should and the buttons doesn’t look as they should (like hover effects).
After minimize a form, when I restore it all the components get blurred (even when calling Application->ProccessMessages(), FormX->Invalidate() in TFormX::onFormShow).

Are there workarounds for this problem? I’ve seen it has appeared in previous versions of RAD Studio. However I haven’t found any workarounds or fixes for the version XE7 (People usually say it is already fixed).

OS – Windows 10
Platform – x64 (compiling x86)

Since now, thanks A LOT.

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