Subclass TSwitch in Firemonkey


I have done a very simply subclass of the TSwitch that will not respond to mouse clicks or even allow setting IsChecked at runtime. I have not created this as a component so its only runtime constructed. It works if I create a TSwitch at runtime but will not work if its my subclassed switch.

TLayoutSwitch = class(TCustomSwitch, ILayoutBaseControl)

The issue appears to be in SendMessage called by TSwitchModel.SetValue. In TMessageSender.SendMessage. I cannot figure out how TSwitchModel is constructed so that the Receiver object is set.

RAD Studio 10 Seattle

TLayoutSwitch = class(TCustomSwitch, ILayoutBaseControl)
FGroupID: integer;
procedure SetGroupID(const Value: integer);
function GetIBHeight: Single;
function GetIBWidth: Single;
procedure SetIBHeight(const Value: Single);
procedure SetIBWidth(const Value: Single);
procedure DoSwitchEvent(Sender: TObject);
LayoutControlType: TLayoutControlType;
property LFIBGroup_ID: integer read FGroupID write SetGroupID;
property LFIBWidth: Single read GetIBWidth write SetIBWidth;
property LFIBHeight: Single read GetIBHeight write SetIBHeight;

procedure WriteToStream(ms: TStream);
procedure ReadFromStream(ms: TStream; NewWidth: Single = 1; NewHeight: Single = 1);

constructor Create(AOwner: TComponent); override;

Instantiate code

ctrl := TLayoutSwitch.Create(Background);
ctrl.Parent := Background;
(ctrl as ILayoutBaseControl).ReadFromStream(ms, Background.Width/tmpW, Background.Height/tmpH);

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