How to get a token passed as header using datasnap?


In my client application I’m using the following code to add a token in the header:

RESTRequest.Params.AddItem(‘Authorization’, ‘Bearer ‘ + MyToken, TRESTRequestParameterKind.pkHTTPHEADER, [TRESTRequestParameterOption.poDoNotEncode]);

I’d like to get this token in my server using datasnap.

I’ve tried use the answer from here and here but without success.

Is it possible?

How can I do this?


I could verify that Datasnap executes TIdCustomHTTPServer.DoParseAuthenticationand that DoParseAuthentication calls FOnParseAuthentication if it is assigned.

So, how can I hack Datasnap to assign my own OnParseAuthentication?

I think this solve my problem.

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