Delphi Blogs of the Week/Month #37


Let’s start the new year (after some days off) with a new round of interesting links and news.
New Year at Embarcadero
The 2015 Embarcadero Year in Review by David I at

Planning for a great 2016 by Atanas (Embarcadero General Manager) at

Appmethod Merges with RAD Studio Product Line at

Looking for a (possible) future? Baking an Object Pascal and Raspberry Pie for the Holidays by Allen at

Even if not coming from Embarcadero officially, this is a great post on the status of the Delphi, by Bruce McGee, at

Technical 10 Seattle Blog Post
Using LocationSensor on Android Service in Delphi Seattle by Daniele Spinetti at

Trimming The Fat – Smaller Windows .exe Sizes With Delphi And C++Builder by Briand Long at

Windows applications: Icons and the Shell; names, sizes, etc. by Jeroen at

There Can Only Be One! by Uwe Raabe (very nice description on the role of desing time packages) at

Newsgroup Nugget: Row-level locking with FireDAC by David I at

Third Party
FirePower by Wool2woll updated, see

Looking for a Delphi job or a developer, see (among others)

And Some Fun Tidbits
Delphi trending up on Tiobe index ( and did very well on Code 2015 (, but these are honestly limited views on the developers world. If you are a developer (using Delphi or not) you can get counted on a more realistic survey by stackoverflow at
But the other think you should not miss is the latest Verity Stob column, not on Delphi but on functional programming. “Remember the Monoids” is a great read at


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