Delphi android application is raising issue in Lennova A5000 mobile


I’m using Delphi 10 Seattle trail version for developing mobile application. And I tried to create new android mobile application which contains only TEditBox. And then compiled by setting the option as “Release”. Then, generated the .apk file and then provided the file to the user. And when the user tried to click the edit box, the application raises the error message that “The Appname is not responding“.

The user is using the Lennova A5000 and the Os is Android 5.0.2.

And the same application is running in my Moto g2 (5.0.2) and Micromax Yureka.
Please provide me is there any solution.

Also, I have updated the app in google app store. Then, it is showing as incompatible application for this device (Lennova A5000).

And also I have updated all the android SDK packages. After that also, it is raising the same issue.

I think this may be problem to Embarcadreo Delphi or any missing packages? Dont know what to do.

Thanks in advance.

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