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Just like September, November & December were again very busy months here at A small overview:
TMS Logging
In the beginning of this month we released TMS Logging v1.0.0.0, a new logging framework that makes use of log levels to output values/objects. We developed TMS Logging to have a cross-platform solution that is flexible, compact and offers informative logs with a minimum amount of log code. TMS Logging is available for XE7 update 1 or newer (due to using the newest Delphi language features extensively) releases and supports VCL Win32/Win64 apps and FMX Win32/Win64/Mac OS-X/iOS/Android apps.

A single developer license can be purchased for 75 EU.
Users with an active license to TMS ALL-ACCESS or TMS VCL Subscription have received TMS Logging free.

TMS LCL Cloud Pack
Begin November, our TMS Cloud Studio has been extended with TMS LCL Cloud Pack v1.0.0.0 .
TMS LCL Cloud Pack offers easy access from Windows, Raspberry Pi, Mac OS-X, Linux applications to cloud services
like Amazon, Facebook, Flickr, FourSquare, Picasa, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter,Wunderground weather, YouTube, … . It offers access to all popular cloud storage services like OneDrive, Box, DropBox, calendering services, push notification services and more…

A single developer license can be purchased for 95 EU.
Users with an active license to TMS ALL-ACCESS or TMS Cloud Studio have received TMS LCL Cloud Pack free.

Watch our twitter account or facebook page for announcements about new developments on LCL components soon!
TMS Hands-on training day
The second edition of the TMS hands-on training day end November was again very successful. It was not only interesting for the attendees, but also for our team! We could talk to our customers face to face, hear stories about their experiences with Delphi, and could see what fantastic applications were developed with TMS components. We also got interesting suggestions on new features and new components some of which already found their way into product releases and others we will definitely work on in 2016. After this successful edition, we can say with certainty we'll be planning more events on TMS tools next year!

We also acquired, a small company focusing on offering zero-client solutions to control a personal computer.
myWebMachine offers great & innovative technology to access your PC literally from anywhere, anytime: a Windows PC can be remotely controlled from another Windows PC, Mac OS-X or Linux computer or from devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, Microsoft Surface, Smart TV without the need to install any software on the client machine. Using the standard installed browser is sufficient. If you wish to try out myWebMachine yourself, a free fully functional trial version is available at

TMS iCL v2.8.0.0
Our set of native iOS controls was also extended and improved. There were new capabilities and improvements in TTMSFMXNativeUITableView and a new control was added: TTMSFMXNativeAVPlayerViewController. This new control surfaces
the iOS capability to display streaming video content along with system-supplied playback controls. It supports wireless movie playback to AirPlay-enabled hardware such as Apple TV and also the new iOS 9 picture-in-picture view.

TMS Component Pack updates
Our flagship bundle of productivity feature-packed VCL controls for Windows application development got 4! updates in the past 2 months. Our team is day-in, day-out listening to your requests & feedback and added no less than 29 new features and numerous smaller improvements and fixes over the last 4 free updates. And yes, also documentation was extended and samples were improved. Check out the latest version of TMS Component Pack and stay tuned for more new capabilities to be added in upcoming versions.

TMS FMX Chart v1.5.0.0
And finally, this week we released a major update of our cross-platform chart component. In TMS Charts for FireMonkey v1.5.0.0 we've added ctBand support.

Knowledge base alert
We would also like to say a small word about our monthly Knowledge base alert we started with this year. From the positive feedback we received from several subscribers, and for which we want to thank you, we can conclude many of our users appreciated this technical knowledge base alert. We will keep gathering these useful articles about our products and provide them to you via our newsletter.
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Best wishes for a happy & prosperous New Year from the TMS team!
We can conclude we ended 2015 with some new exciting developments. We're already brainstorming on several things for 2016 and we look forward to be at your service in 2016!

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