AppTethering blog posts to help you reuse and extend your existing projects


Using app tethering, your VCL, FMX and console applications can easily: 1) Discover other applications that are using app tethering, running either on the same device as your application or on other connected devices. 2) Run actions remotely. An application can publish actions using app tethering. Then other applications can remotely invoke any of these actions on the former application. 3) Share data between applications. App tethering allows sharing of standard data types and streams. The app tethering feature does not depend on a specific transport or protocol, and new transports and protocols can be implemented using the app tethering API. The RTL provides built-in support for IP and Classic Bluetooth connections. IP support includes connecting applications running on the same device. Here are a few blog posts that show you how to reuse and extend your applications with App Tethering.
Malcolm Groves’ Blog Series on App Tethering

App Tethering : Overview –
App Tethering : Discovery and Pairing –
App Tethering : Sharing Persistent Resources Part 1 –
App Tethering : Sharing Persistent Resources Part 2 –
App Tethering : Sharing Transient Resources –
App Tethering : Remote Actions –

App Tethering Tips and Techniques

Connecting to Remote Applications Using App Tethering –
Sharing and Running Actions on Remote Applications Using App Tethering –
Sharing Data with Remote Applications Using App Tethering –
System.Tether.Manager.TTetheringManager –
System.Tether.AppProfile.TTetheringAppProfile –
App Tethering using Encryption Hooks –


App Tethering: Bridge VCL and Mobile –
App Tethering for VCL and FireMonkey using C++ –

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