Delphi TEdit to filter Tstringgrid with Access


I’m using Delphi 10 with Firemonkey, i’m a bit new to it. I have a TStringGrid that i bound with LiveBindings to a access database. What I need is to filter this table or the TStringGrid with the text of a TEdit when I press a button or when any key is enter, and the show it in the results in the same TstringGrid. Just like a custom search/filter box.

I don’t have any code of this yet. But i think it would be like a query.
procedure TForm3.Edit2Typing(Sender: TObject);
adoquery1.SQL.Text:=’select * from instrutor where nome like ” %’ + edit2.text + ‘%”‘;

I’ve tried this but since I already have a livebinding with the adotable and the stringgrid, i don’t the way i should link this Tedit

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