Delphi Blogs of the Week/Month #35


I just realized it has been almost two months since my last collection of links, but I did blog quite a bit with the most important ones anyway. Still, welcome back to this collection of links, blogs, and other information you might have missed. here is the list, with no specific order:

Changes in Quality Portal component’s list and some hints at (by Juan Antonio)
Important Note about using the Google Maps API from Desktop Apps at (by Rodrigo)
Using the Network List Manager (NLM) API from Delphi at (also by Rodrigo)
TRichEdit behaves differently under Unicode at (by Craig)
Using QueryLines to filter your BaaS data at (by Sarina)
(even if not strictly Delphi, still related) Migrating legacy C++ Builder Apps to C++ Builder 10 Seattle at (by Al)
Android Services Presentations and Workarounds at (by Jim)

That is all for this round. Maybe I should get back to my old model of sharing my Twitter retweets and Favorites on the blog… and do it more timely. But I’ll probably just try to get back to a monthly list.

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