David I’s (@davidi99) Tweets of the Week – Nov 8-14, 2015


Client applications communicate with Analysis Services using XML for Analysis (XMLA) over TCP IP or HTTP. http://buff.ly/1RVcT7t
CodeRage Session Replay on Windows 10 UI and UX: http://buff.ly/1QdXkJX
Are you tracking and measuring how often apps are used and on which platforms they are running? http://buff.ly/1QdXfpt
We are now offering smaller packages of EMS. Go ahead test it. Deploy it. See what EMS can do for you. http://buff.ly/1RVcbHi 
New Chrome exploit puts all Android phones at risk http://buff.ly/1MtMFFX
InterBase has been shortlisted for the 2nd annual IoTA awards for Most Innovative Use of Data! http://buff.ly/1RwjeGJ
Embarcadero Customer and Partner Welcome from IDERA: http://buff.ly/1l8iI7u
Sign up for @michaelrblaha’s video course on doing #datawarehouse projects. http://buff.ly/1RVbMoo
Business stakeholders using wrong data to make important decisions, says new @EmbarcaderoTech survey results http://buff.ly/1Pb5lQo
Buffett’s BYD Vs. Musk’s Tesla:  Electric Vehicle Race Still Undecided – Forbes http://buff.ly/1Pb4XBA
The FCC is Cracking Down on Hotels’ Wi-Fi Blocking – Fortune http://buff.ly/1McjneT
IBM pumps up its hybrid-cloud muscle with Gravitant buy http://buff.ly/1H43U3s
Gene Amdahl, IBM mainframe architect then a rival, has died at age 92 – http://buff.ly/1QmPXkc
Intel Puts $22M In 10 Startups, With A Stake In FreedomPop To Launch A Rival To Google’s Project Fi http://buff.ly/1RPoCob
Cop pulls over Google self-driving car, finds no driver to ticket – was driving too slow – no ticket given – http://buff.ly/1ku0YU4
Google’s New AI Will Reply to Your Emails so You Don’t Have to – Fortune http://buff.ly/1H43w4W
Hey, Twitter Developers! Twitter Wants Your Product Feedback. http://buff.ly/1RNHLqF
A new Star Trek series will premiere in 2017 http://buff.ly/1Rsed1W
Apple’s survey app helps venues easily create indoor maps http://buff.ly/1Q8c7FZ
Aaron Levie Is Hyperloop and Other Good (Bad?) Halloween Costumes From the Tech World http://buff.ly/1MetP94
Google X Drones Could Deliver You Something as Soon as 2017 http://buff.ly/1H2KgoG
Women From Apple’s Early Days Recall Working With Steve Jobs http://buff.ly/1RNDrHG
VW’s new CEO under pressure as emissions scandal hits Porsche http://buff.ly/1MesAXi
RAD Studio, Delphi, C++ 10 Seattle – 5 Minute REST client challenge; How Fast is your Mobile & Desktop IDE? http://buff.ly/1HKErXV
DJI Wants To Build ‘Intelligent Flying Robots’ With Manifold Ubuntu-Based PC For Drones http://buff.ly/1LNWX5G
Inside Facebook’s MemNets And The Drive To Bring Advanced AI To Everyday Tasks http://buff.ly/1RNCuzm
In rare appearance, Larry Page discusses new Alphabet structure http://buff.ly/1Q3mhZh
Winner claimed in $1 million iOS 9 hacking contest http://buff.ly/1Q3magg
Skill Sprint: Android Services for Background Execution http://buff.ly/1LNa5b7
Api.Ai – Free Speech-to-Text, Intent Recognition and NLP for IoT http://buff.ly/1H0OnkT
It’s a Trap! Agile Lessons from Star Wars | Rally Software Blog http://buff.ly/1Mdwyj0
Rufus Cuff – the ‘tablet’ for your wrist has arrived – features a 3.2-inch screen http://buff.ly/1SkaLap
MIT Researchers Say Their Drones Can Safely Navigate Forests At 30 MPH http://buff.ly/1RqIjTg
This Awesome Typeface Stretches Like a Rubber Band http://buff.ly/1RLL2qh
New Imaging Technique Measures Chemical Composition of Cells in Living Tissue | http://buff.ly/1Mdwcci
Google has plans for combining Android, Chrome OS—eventually – Fortune http://buff.ly/1MdqA1M
The Best Pros Won’t Work For You, But You Can Still Engage Them http://buff.ly/1GUx6K9
Nearly 70% of tech spending is wasted: Study http://buff.ly/1KPK1Io
The Path To Expertise http://buff.ly/1GUwVi4
Icontrol Developer Program Opens Door to New Level of Smart Home Customization http://buff.ly/1kk7gVz
RAD Solution Pack: http://buff.ly/1WL3JkS- the ultimate collection of VCL and FMX tools & components for Delphi and C++Builder.
Video: My Insanely Automated Home & Morning Routine | Automated Home http://buff.ly/1RGU5sL
Q4 2015 Dev Skill Sprints starts today! (On every Tues) Code, tips, tricks, Windows 10, Android, & Much More! http://buff.ly/1NHRgIP
Getting Started with the Google Cloud Platform http://buff.ly/1PZ0XnC
Lean Software Development – Building and Shipping Two Versions – ACM Queue http://buff.ly/1RGTR4J
Controlling Augmented Reality in the Operating Room: A Surgeon’s Perspective | http://buff.ly/1RGTIOS
Google slammed the brakes on its acquisition machine, with the lowest deal-making since 2009 http://buff.ly/1RGTGpX
Big data: the importance and impact on population health http://buff.ly/1GUvtw0
The Most Nonsense Concepts From the Tokyo Motor Show http://buff.ly/1kk6tE3
What Startups Need To Know About The Safe Harbor Ruling In Europe http://buff.ly/1kk6ojZ
A frame-by-frame analysis of the R2-D2 mini fridge trailer http://buff.ly/1k1MIlj
Google Chrome Might Be Gone – The Monitor Daily http://buff.ly/1KPDPAf
Great Scott! Data travels fast! @datachick shows you how to deal with new datatypes in this November 10 webinar http://buff.ly/1NQCAp4
CodeRage Resources for C++ and Object Pascal Tracks. Source code, tutorials, etc. Now Includes YouTube Replay list http://buff.ly/1NQxnh6
Beyond the BeaconFence – take proximity beacons to the next level with precision location aware apps. http://buff.ly/1PWf2SW
IoT – Internet of Things – Embarcadero’s Solution for Mobile Application Development – http://buff.ly/1KMvFIS
RAD Studio 10 Seattle, Delphi and C++Builder – App Tethering using Encryption Hooks http://buff.ly/1NHVezn
Verizon’s next big bet – they unveil a platform and IoT network to facilitate adoption of connected devices. http://buff.ly/1Q00BfF
Less about automation more about personal augmentation. Less about devices and more about “living services”. http://buff.ly/1iqHaPv
IoT is about to explode, perhaps literally, if privacy and security issues aren’t fixed. http://buff.ly/1GBPgAw
Microsoft’s New App Improves on Google Android – arranges apps by use frequency – http://buff.ly/1PXvBgf
Microsoft bows to Chrome’s dominance, delivers Office Online add-on for browser rival http://buff.ly/1PTuIGv
“More Coding In Delphi” by Nick Hodges in More Formats – ePub & Mobi – Upgrade to RAD Studio 10 Seattle & download  http://buff.ly/1PSwUhv
New Delphi Seattle MongoDB Sample http://buff.ly/1MkooBb
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