C++ Multi-Threading for Mobile and Desktop Apps


During the recent CodeRage X online technical conference, I showed some C++ demo applications in the C++ track that use the System.Threading unit and the Parallel Programming Library that are included in C++Builder 10 Seattle. Leveraging the libraries and techniques will help you create responsive user experiences for your desktop and mobile applications. You can watch the demos on the EmbarcaderoTechNet YouTube channel and download the source code for the projects on EDN’s CodeCentral.

YouTube video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpGi8HSE35k
Source Code on CodeCentral – http://cc.embarcadero.com/Item/30421

Additional Information on the Embarcadero DocWiki
Using the Parallel Progrmaming Library – http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Seattle/en/Using_the_Parallel_Programming_Library
System.Threading – http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/Libraries/Seattle/en/System.Threading
System.SyncObjs – http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/Libraries/Seattle/en/System.SyncObjs
 Parallel Programming Library Tutorials – http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Seattle/en/Parallel_Programming_Library_Tutorials
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