Resize form with TSizeGrip in delphi XE8 / 10 firemonkey in mac os x


I encountered a strange problem! I will be resize form verticality in code ( example with trackbar or with TSizeGrip ), and my form jump about 5-10 points up-down, this is only in Mac OS X, and only Height, in Windows all changes make smoothly

procedure TwForm.BWTrackBar1Change(Sender: TObject);
wForm.Height := Round(BWTrackBar1.Value);

and simple if use TSizeGrip in Mac OS X .. same result

can someone encountered such problem ?
Sorry for my English!

PS. for example – new project, with one simple form (set borders to None or Sizeable) . with one TPanel and one TSizeGrip. in windows all work smoothly, but in osx gone strange bug
debugging a few days, it seems to me that this incident occurs due to platform features firemonkey (FMX.Forms – procedure TCommonCustomForm.SetBounds(ALeft, ATop, AWidth, AHeight: Integer))
but where exactly? I did not find

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