Major Charting Component Suite Upgraded For Firemonkey In Delphi 10 Seattle On Android And IOS


TMS Software has released an upgrade of their TMS Charts for Firemonkey component suite which supports Delphi 10 Seattle. This chart suite is a cross platform set of components designed for business, statistical, financial, and scientific data. You can use this components on Android, IOS, OSX, and Windows. In this latest version there is a new Spider chart type as well (which you can see in the image). Other chart types include bar, grouped bar, absolute stacked bar, percentage stacked bar, area, stacked area, pie, donut, line, XY line, XY scatter, and digital line chart types. Values can be formatted in various date and number formats. Legends can be configured as well as the background grid of the charts. Series markers are supported via bitmap and custom draw. There is a design time editor for the charts and an optional 3D mode. This is a commercial component suite but ships with source code and there is a free trial available. You should be able to use it with Appmethod and C++Builder as well.
Head over and check out the full feature set of TMS Charts for Firemonkey before downloading the free trial.

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