Delphi FireMonkey store information from Components


I want my Delphi FireMonkey application to store all information from the Edit.Text Components anywhere the app can reload these data from another time the app is being started.
(it is not neccessary or needed, but I also would like to save some Memo.Text and Combobox.ItemIndex [and maybe some other] data, too.)

The only way I can imagine of is to write a procedure, that stores all information into a TMemo and saves it into a file. (and another procedure to reassign these things) If there were just a few information I´d do this, but I´ve got way too much data to remember so it is too hard to do so.

My question ist how can I make my application remember all these data/values easily. (Something like function SaveAllComponentsValues;)
My app will be running on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android so the solution have to work on all these platforms.

I guess it would be possible to store all properties of the [specific / all] components. This would also be very helpful to me.

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