Delphi 10 Seattle app crash with XCode 7.01 Instruments: "Allocations"


To trace memory consumption for my iOS app (iPad) made with Delphi 10 Seattle I use the Instruments tool included with XCode. Specifically the Allocations instrument.

The app runs fine both standalone and when debugging from Delphi, but since upgrading to XCode 7, it will no longer run with Instruments “Allocations” (it did work with XCode 6.x).

The iPad console shows these messages:

Oct 9 09:14:40 iPadMini-A7 DTServiceHub[574] <Error>: kernel symbolicator unable to open /mach.release.s5l8960x
Oct 9 09:14:40 iPadMini-A7 DTServiceHub[574] <Error>: Device Info Service was unable to create symbolicator for the kernel
Oct 9 09:14:40 iPadMini-A7[1] (UIKitApplication:MyApp[0x4936][621]) <Notice>: Service exited due to signal: Trace/BPT trap: 5
Oct 9 09:14:40 iPadMini-A7 DTServiceHub[574] <Warning>: -[DTObjectAllocService startCollectionWithPid:]: Unable to configure target process for recording
Oct 9 09:14:40 iPadMini-A7 SpringBoard[53] <Warning>: Application ‘UIKitApplication:MyApp[0x4936]’ crashed.
Oct 9 09:14:41 iPadMini-A7 ReportCrash[622] <Notice>: Formulating report for corpse[621] MyApp

How can I solve this?

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