Simplify Your Apps With TFrame Management For #Delphi 10 Seattle On Android And IOS


Developer Andrea Magni from Italy has released a free Firemonkey component called TFrameStand for Delphi 10 Seattle. TFrameStand is basically a control for organizing and delivering your TFrames throughout your application. It is similar to how TTabControl works to organize and deliver the content from each of your tabs. Except in this case it can group a bunch of frames together and deliver them when needed using various animations. If you have never used frames before you really should take a look because frames allow you to build complex control groups and then embed them throughout your application. You can use TFrameStand on Android, IOS, OSX, and Windows. The core goals of the TFrameStand component according to Andrea are to provide design time visual development, increase maintainability of your design elements, automate background tasks with a built in activity dialog, easily share behavior of your frames in multiple places throughout your app, and animate the showing and hiding of frames. Full source code is available via Github and there are also four demos available. One of the frame stand demo’s even implements some aspects of Google’s Material Design. You should be able to use this component with Appmethod as well.
Head over and read the full blog post explanation of the TFrameStand component for Firemonkey in Delphi 10 Seattle.

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