Most Quality Portal High Voted Issues Closed in RAD Studio 10 Seattle


I was looking into Quality Portal customer reports for the RAD Studio Project (RSP) and noticed that with Delphi and C++Builder 10 Seattle we closed many customer reported bugs, including most of the top voted. This is part of a continuos push for improved quality, performance, and stability that is part of our ongoing development effort. While the flow between the internal and the public bug system will be further improved (with easier categories and more options; and also making sure all internally closed bugs are matched in the public system), it is nice to see that transition to Quality Portal is helping us move in the right direction.
Below is a image with a snapshot (because data will change over time) of the bugs in the system with 15 or more votes, filtered by date (only bugs reported before RAD Studio 10 Seattle was released). You can see the Jira query at the top. There are 17 issues in this group, most of them are closed… and those closed as duplicates refer to a similar report that has been closed (so the issue has indeed been handled).

Of course, large memory address support has been part of the effort in closing the most voted one and a few more. What is still open? The “Smart ARC” (9946) is clearly a feature request, and so are the changes to project sort order (11311), inconsistency of projects sort order (11308), and run icons (9367). Two of the issues (9679 and 10417) have been partially addressed, but the issues are remaining open as we don’t think work is complete. IDE high-DPI awareness (9678) is a top priority at this point, along with further work in the VCL in the same area. The other bug is the FMX 3D issue.
The much higher rate of fixes in the most voted bugs, along with the high number of overall bugs closed in 10 Seattle (including 331 user reported bugs, as you can see in the list at, is a good sign or the product direction and I really hope it is appreciated.

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