Fixing the FMX TWebBrowser issue on iOS 9


Linking against iOS 9 introduces the new Application Transport Security feature that enforces a secure network connection. This means that in a default RAD Studio 10 Seattle project, the default TWebBrowser but also our TTMSFMXWebBrowser, TTMSFMXWebGMaps, TTMSFMXWebOSMaps components and the TMS Cloud Pack for FireMonkey cloud services can no longer make a connection to the web. A solution for this issue is to add the following key to the Info.plist file:






As the Info.plist is automatically generated based on the project options, there is no option to specify a boolean key in a dictionary. To make sure the Info.plist file contains the correct keys in order to link against iOS 9 we have created an iOS9Fix command line executable and a post-build command.

1) Copy the iOS9Fix.exe to the project directory.

2) Add the following post-build command to your project options.

call “$(PROJECTDIR)iOS9Fix.exe” “$(OUTPUTPATH).info.plist”

If the above steps are executed correctly, your application should then be able to make a connection with one of the components mentioned in this blog post.

The solution with the above instructions can be downloaded at

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