Enable Screen Reader Support For Firemonkey In Delphi 10 Seattle On Windows And OSX


The Firemonkey Accessibility Pack for Delphi 10 Seattle was released by Embarcadero with support for JAWS on Windows and VoiceOver on Mac OSX. According the Accessibility Pack docs the accessibility pack makes the MSAA and OSX Accessibility APIs available for you to access. You can implement the IFMXAccessibility interface in your own custom components to make available to the accessibility API. Additionally, it provides accessibility support for the following FMX components:  TButton,  TSpeedButton,  TTracker,  TEdit,  TListBox,  TComboBox,  TComboEdit,  TSpinBox,  TLabel,  TCheckBox, TRadioButton,  TMainMenu,  TMemo,  TTreeView, and  TCustomGrid. Adding accessibility to your existing projects is as simple as including the FMX.ScreenReader units at the top and changing your form class to TAccForm. You should be able to use the Accessibility Pack with Appmethod as well. There is no installer so simply uncompress the accessibility pack into your EmbarcaderoStudio17.0 directory with Administrator permissions. You can access the Delphi XE8 Accessibility Pack here.
Head over and download the full Accessibility Pack for Firemonkey in Delphi 10 Seattle from Code Central.

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