Deploy project without Midas.dll C++


I am trying to make it so I can deploy a firemonkey project which uses Midas.dll onto another machine without having to copy the DLL over as well. This article explains how to do this with a delphi project by including MidasLib in your uses clause like so:

program Project1;

Unit1 in ‘Unit1.pas’ {Form1};

I am not very familiar with delphi, but I assume that in C++ I would want to use an #include statement in places of the uses statement. Since MidasLib is a .pas file, I assume I am supposed to include Midas.hpp. However, even though I include Midas.hpp in the file that is using it, I still get an exception saying “Midas.dll not found.”

How can I deploy my project without having to copy the Midas.dll file over with it?

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