Delphi/Firemonkey make Listboxses sync scroll better


I have a very dirty way of having 7 listboxses scroll in sync, they all have the exact same height so when I move the position of any one of them the other 6 should also move to that position

What I do is Assume Listbox1 is scrolled and ViewportPositionChange() is fired I say

Listbox2.ViewportPosition := NewViewportPosition;
Listbox3.ViewportPosition := NewViewportPosition;

And this all works and I just add this code to each Listboxses ViewportPositionChange() event, but its terribly jerky and too slow on Andriod, I still need to be able to scroll from any one listbox but is there not a way to improve the performace of the scroll?

Ok to be honest it isn’t terribly slow but you can feel its not exactly snappy, and also each listbox can have lots of listboxses and each listbox can also have a few controls and more controls in those controls so alot of repainting is done I think and this is what is making it less snappy.

Sample code

Firstly place a Gridpanel layout on your form, Add 6 columns And add a listbox to each, each Listbox represents a day, where Listbox 1 is Monday, Also Align these to client.

Global variables

private Glistbox : array[0..6] of TListBox;

On form Create

Glistbox[0] := ListBox1;
Glistbox[1] := ListBox2;
Glistbox[2] := ListBox3;
Glistbox[3] := ListBox4;
Glistbox[4] := ListBox5;
Glistbox[5] := ListBox6;
Glistbox[6] := ListBox7;

And now on each listboxses OnViewportPositionChange

//Note that this would be for Listbox1 so for listbox 2 it needs to be changed acordingly
ListBox2.ViewportPosition := NewViewportPosition;
ListBox3.ViewportPosition := NewViewportPosition;
ListBox4.ViewportPosition := NewViewportPosition;
ListBox5.ViewportPosition := NewViewportPosition;
ListBox6.ViewportPosition := NewViewportPosition;
ListBox7.ViewportPosition := NewViewportPosition;

Then add a button with the following code :

mainlayout,item1,item2 : Tlayout;
listboxitem : TListBoxItem;
myrec,myrec2 : TRectangle;
lbl1,lbl2 : TLabel;
I: Integer;
for I := 0 to 6 do
listboxitem := TListBoxItem.Create(nil);

mainlayout := TLayout.Create(nil);
mainlayout.Align := TAlignLayout.Client;
mainlayout.Parent:= listboxitem;

item1 := TLayout.Create(nil);
item1.Align:= TAlignLayout.Left;
item1.Parent := mainlayout;

item2 := TLayout.Create(nil);
item2.Align:= TAlignLayout.Right;
item2.Parent := mainlayout;

myrec := TRectangle.Create(nil);
myrec.Align := TAlignLayout.Client;
myrec.Parent := item1;

myrec2 := TRectangle.Create(nil);
myrec2.Align := TAlignLayout.Client;
myrec2.Parent := item2;

lbl1 := TLabel.Create(nil);
lbl1.Align := TAlignLayout.Client;
lbl1.TextAlign := TTextAlign.Center;
lbl1.Text := ‘1’;

lbl2 := TLabel.Create(nil);
lbl2.Align := TAlignLayout.Client;
lbl2.TextAlign := TTextAlign.Center;
lbl2.Text := ‘2’;

item2.Width:= mainlayout.Width/2;

There could sometimes be more controls in a listboxitem but generally I think this would be the norm, Now add a few items and try the scroll

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