Delphi Firemonkey DX Seattle TTabControl not reprinting correctly when inside a TVertScrollBox


This was working in Delphi XE8

Here is an example project

We have a VertScrollBox for when the Keyboard pops up on a device
and have multiple tabs controls and tab items to flick between screens
have noticed that the tabs sometimes don’t print correctly in Delphi DX Seattle

This is an example of the code to reproduce – you can download an example from git link above

procedure TForm2.tbcMainChange(Sender: TObject);
if tbcMain.ActiveTab = tbtmSettings then
tbcMain.TabPosition := TTabPosition.None
else begin
tbcMain.TabPosition := TTabPosition.Bottom;

procedure TForm2.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
tbcMain.ActiveTab := tbtmHome;

This is an example of a home screen, Clicking on the second tab sets the TabPosition to none on the origional tabControl (to hide the tabs).

This is the second tab – normally has more tab items at the bottom
when we click on the button to go back to the original tab its setting the Tabposition of the origional tab to bottom and setting the active item to be the first tab item

As you can see below it hasn’t reprinted the tab items at the bottom of the screen

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