Delphi can Fire monkey TTabControl replicate VCL TPageControl.OnChanging event


I’m Running Delphi Dx Seattle

In Delphi VCL’s TPageControl there is a onChanging event where you could stop the page control from changing tab’s

procedure TForm1.pgc1Changing(Sender: TObject; var AllowChange: Boolean);
if MessageDlg(‘do you want to change tab?’, mtConfirmation, [mbyes, mbno], 0, mbNo) = mrno then
AllowChange := false;

Is there a way for Delphi Firemonkey TTabControl to replicate this?
e.g.if you have two tabs and clicking on the other tab pops up a question ‘do you want to change tab?’
if you click No nothing happens click yes then it changes

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