Delphi 10 Seattle released (along with RAD Studio and C++Builder)


A new release of RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder, called “10 Seattle” is available since Monday, and you are probably already aware of the news. If not head to:

to learn about the new great features, from the 2x IDE memory to the incredible Windows 10 support, from the new Android services to the MongoDB FireDAC integration… and much much more, as you can see even in more technical details at
A Few More Links
I think it is still worth pointing out to a few additional links and resources:
Eweek article introducing the product:

The Register article focused on C++Builder’s new Win32 compiler:

The team fixed 331 user reported bugs in 10 Seattle (274 from Quality Portal, 57 form the old Quality Central). See the list at It is likely the number is much higher, as many of the out-of-memory related issues are still open, pending feedback from the original submitters. We’ll look forward to re-test and close a few more.
Launch Webinar
Launch webinar taking place later today (and tomorrow, for Australia and Asia/Pacific time zones). Looks like we’ll have a great crowd, but there is still room to register at
. I’ll be there presenting RAD Studio 10 Seattle with the other two product managers, Sarina and Luis. The idea is to introduce all of the main new features, as a technical and detailed coverage could take many hours. There will be plenty of demos, though.
If all goes smoothly, the webinar in itself will be just slightly over one hour, with live Q&A following it.

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