Delphi (10 Seattle) Blogs of the Week/Month #34


Another round of blogs posts, articles and information mostly focused on the just released Delphi 10 Seattle.
General Feedback on 10 Seattle
What developers are saying… (from David I)
Nick’s latest installment: 
Blog Posts on 10 Seattle Features
Luis writes about per-monitor DPI awareness for VCL applications in the new release, including a nice video of the changes when you move a form between monitors and comparison with the reference Microsoft demo: Very relevant feature for VCL developers, and nice blog post.
In a different blog post Luis covers using Android services (a feature now supported directly from the IDE, with no need to low level work) to download an image in the background, even while the app has been stopped. iOS has a similar feature we support, but it not exactly the same underlying model. Read the article and get the code at

If you are interested in RAD Studio MongoDB support, make sure you check Installing the server takes very little time, if you know where to find the right information. You can also see the MongoDB snippet of the launch video at
Sarina blogged about new FMX component styling options in the new release at Sho also covered customizing TMultiView for Windows 10 at

A Hotfix and a Hackfix
There is a rather simple hotfix available, an update to the DUnitX source code that was shipped in RAD Studio 10 Seattle, Delphi 10 Seattle, and C++ Builder 10 Seattle. Download for all registered users at

There is also an unofficial fix (more of a temporary stop gap or hack) if you need to use 125% or bigger font scaling in Windows 10 and see IDE tabbed dialogs with very large fonts. A full solution is being finalized and will be made available with an update, but for now you can lessen the problem by getting this temporary “imperfect” fix: (and thanks to the author).
More 10 Seattle Events Coming
You can tune in next Saturday for a very long and in-depth deep-dive webinar, coordinated by David I. See for more information. This webinar will go way beyond the shorter launch webinar. Highly recommended. I’ll have some contributions.
The following Saturday, instead, I’ll be giving a keynote at the German Delphi Tage in Fuerth. And I won’t miss the beer the previous night. Lots of great speakers from Germany and other countries to this classic community event.
This will be my second live keynote, after the event in Manchester last week.

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