Acces violation when closing program in OSX32


When I close my program while debugging my OSX program, I get an AccessViolation. It breaks at following point: in System.internals.ExcUtils

procedure RaiseSignalException(ExceptionEIP: LongWord; FaultAddr: LongWord; ErrorCode: LongWord);
raise GetExceptionObject(ExceptionEIP, FaultAddr, ErrorCode);

Explaination given:

RaiseSignalException is called from SignalConverter, once we’ve made things look
like there’s a legitimate stack frame above us. Now we will just create
an exception object, and raise it via a software raise.

Should I try to resolve this, because the acces violation is fired when closing the program and the program does not hang when not debugging?

Edit :
I do get this error even while not debugging on the PA server. But the error remains the same.

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