Google DataStore And Apple CloudKit Access In Delphi XE8 Firemonkey On Android And IOS


TMS Software has upgraded their TMS Cloud Pack for Firemonkey to include new integration with Google DataStore and Apple CloudKit. In addition to these two new API integrations it also includes HiDrive support, upgraded LinkedIn functionality, and cloud bindings for TDataSet. You should be able to use the Cloud Pack with Android, IOS, OSX, and Windows. We’ve covered TMS Cloud Pack for FMX before and it just keeps getting better and better. Google DataStore is a NoSQL datastore which looks pretty robust with pricing based on storage amounts in gigabytes and read/write transactions a month. Apple CloudKit allows users to easily move data between devices and even share data with all users. CloudKit has a huge amount of free usage but it does have a cost if you use all of that up. The TTMSFMXCloudDataSet and TTMSFMXCloudDataAdapter components allow you to use Google DataStore and Apple CloudKit just like any other TDataSet which sounds amazing. TMS Cloud Pack for Firemonkey is a commercial component suite but it comes with a free trial and source code after purchase. You should be able to use it in Appmethod as well with a few minor tweaks. TMS Software frequently updates their component packs and you generally receive quite a few free updates through their one click component upgrade app.
Head over and check out all of the features of TMS Cloud Pack for Firemonkey and then download the free trial.

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