Firemonkey GlobalUseGPUCanvas causes font to change


In my application, whenever a computer has a weaker GPU, I do not set GlobalUseGPUCanvas to true, as there are performance issues when trying to draw the canvas off of a weak GPU. However, I noticed that when GlobalUseGPUCanvas is set to false, all of the fonts in the application are changed to a font other than the font I have specified.

The font that I am using for the application is Segoe UI Light. Whenever I debug the font family of a control I always get Segoe UI Light even if it is not rendering correctly with GlobalUseGPUCanvas set to false. I have had some success getting other fonts to render correctly with GlobalUseGPUCanvas on and off, but not Segoe UI Light.

Is there a reason that certain fonts will only render correctly when GlobalUseGPUCanvas is set to true? If so, what is the criteria for a font that will work without GlobalUseGPUCanvas enabled?

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