Dealing with c++ libraries not catering for your compiler or IDE


I’m trying to use Bullet physics (along with either ODE or Newton depending on which one I can get working) inside my multi device firemonkey c++ application. The problem that I keep running into, however, is that these libraries don’t seem to cater for C++ builder. They each register their own custom types through conditional defines. For example, they’ll use __int64 when detecting MSVC or long long with ming or gcc to type their own big ints. These types are not set within C++ builder because c++ builder doesn’t set any environment defines that the libraries check for so the build fails.

I’m no pro with c++, so I’m assuming I’m doing something wrong here. What is the best way to handle this kind of situation?

As a side note, I’m including the source files in the project so that it will build the physics library with any of the platforms I decide to build with so I’m not using anything prebuilt.

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