Using Livebindings to Assign Several Field Values to an FMX MetropolisUI TListBox Item.Text


I am coding a FMX Metropolis UI application and trying to assign two field values of type string to the Item.Title member of TListBox by LiveBindings technology (using expression engine).

When I use a TBindList in the following way:

object BindList1: TBindList
Category = ‘Lists’
ControlComponent = ListBox1
SourceComponent = BindSourceDB1
FormatExpressions = <
ControlExpression = ‘Text’
SourceExpression =
‘FieldByName(“name1″).Text + ” ” + Field’ +
FormatControlExpressions = <>
ClearControlExpressions = <>

It assigns the ‘name1 name2’ string to the member Text but I fail to set the ListItemStyle := MetropolisUI as there is no such property in TBindList class

If I use TLinkFillControlToField

object LinkFillControlToField2: TLinkFillControlToField
Category = ‘Quick Bindings’
Control = ListBox1
Track = True
FillDataSource = BindSourceDB1
FillDisplayFieldName = ‘name1’
AutoFill = True
BufferCount = -1
AutoBufferCount = False
FillExpressions = <>
FillHeaderExpressions = <>
FillBreakGroups = <>

it lets me to assign ListItemStyle to MetropolisUI, but there is only one field that I can access with FillDisplayFieldName property and there is no SourceExpression field to assign ‘FieldByName(“name1″).Text + ” ” + FieldByName(“name2”).Text’ to it.

I tried to guess context of Item.Text member of TListBox from TBindList but I did not manage to. I studied Delphi samples but there is no Metropolis TListBox and it seems to act in a different way than the common one. Does anybody have any ideas how to find the solution for this issue?

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