USB barcode scanner inputs are ignored in FMX projects


i am trying to upgrade a program from Delphi7 to DelphiXE8.

In the programm there are some TEdit fields. You could input data in that fields via keyboard or a usb scanner. The usb scanner emulates a keyboard and works fine in all other programs. (Same program in Delphi7, Firefox, Editor, etc…….)

If I use the scanner in Delphi XE8 the TEdit field doesn’t get correct data. If I trigger a KeyDown event I see that there are many Key 16/17/18 coming in but KeyChar is always #0.

Same Problem with TMemo.

I just tried something different:

In a VCL project the scanner works fine.
In a FMX project the scanner fails.

The scanner is a Birch BF-481BU/N.

Any ideas what could solve that problem?

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